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Malou BiColor Cowl

Malou BiColor Cowl

Dropstitch Cowl 1 This is the drop stitch cowl I passed along to you last year, but reworked for 2 balls of Malou Bicolor. I knit this in one evening while watching a football game! Size 13 circular needle, 24″. Cast on 67 st, join circle by slipping last st to left hand needle and start 1st round by K2tog (66 st). You can put a full twist into the cast on row (shown), or leave the twist out as you prefer. Rounds 1 & 3: K Rounds 2, 4: P Round 5: Knit, double wrapping each stitch. Tip: be sure not to pull your second wrap tight! Round 6: Purl, dropping the extra wrap on each stitch. Repeat these 6 rounds 5 times, then repeat rounds 1-4 once and bind off loosely. Weave in ends, then snuggle up!


Soft, with the slightest amount of haze…

Soft, with the slightest amount of haze…

MIST!     Another Hit at Stitches Midwest

Mist comes from Twilley’s of Stamford, a name known for quality throughout the UK.  Mist is an enticing blend of alpaca, wool and synthetic that fills out your stitches with a delicate halo– a Mist!  And it comes in the most becoming “misty” colors, too.

Mist Sweater

This is my design for Mist– a simple boat-neck pullover with extra long ribbing and embellished with an easy-to-knit lace accent.  The pattern is currently free with purchase, and a medium (38-40″) takes only 8 skeins–That’s a $50 project!  This shape looks great on almost everyone–the neckline is flattering and draws attention to your face.  If you need another size, just email for yarn requirements based on your finished chest measurement.

What’s not to love?

What’s not to love?

We have a new website

Dyed and Gone Logo

Dyed and Gone is our new website for discontinued yarns!   We have worked with distributors to bring you the best quality yarns at very, very low prices.  The same great service you’re accustomed to getting from, plus we have

  • discontinued fashion yarns– Lang, Trendsetter, Rowan, and more!
  • discontinued colors of currently produced yarns
  • & small amounts of yarns we will no longer carry

Everything on Dyed and Gone is a great  value — discounted from 40-70%, plus there is FREE SHIPPING on every order within the USA!  Wow!  New yarns coming all the time….

New Zitron has Pizzazz!

New Zitron has Pizzazz!

Brand new from Zitron, it’s Patina & Patina Color!

Zitron Patina

Wool and Rayon in a DK weight

Patina color

Four gorgeous multi color blends plus matching solids — imagine this:

Sarah Coleman

This sweater is from designer Sara Coleman shown on the Madrid runway, but this theme is everywhere in all sorts of styles — multicolored body & contrasting trim.

We suggest using Patina with the Ann Norling basic top down raglan  for a pullover with 1-2 balls in the contrast color for a piece you’ll wear for years.  Could easily be a cardigan–that’s one of the joys of hand knitting–get just what you want!!

Regia Zima 8ply Accessories

Regia Zima 8ply Accessories

We have just gotten a special purchase 8-ply yarn from Regia, and this pattern,

RegiaZimaColor Hat&wristwarmers 2 is free.  Take a look at this:

Regia Zima Color
Regia Zima Color

Zima Color 8-ply is a quick-to-knit DK weight, but with all the desirable qualities of Regia sock yarn, including being machine washable!  Just one ball (200g) is enough to make this set.

What a beautiful look, and it all comes automatically with the Zima self patterning yarn that changes colors while adding geometric pattern details.  It’s reminiscent of the S&S Mexiko yarns that were so popular.

This is a limited edition yarn, so get yours today.

Cult of Crochet Placemats & Coasters

Cult of Crochet Placemats & Coasters

Pattern by Cult of Crochet


Grit Stitch Placemat by Cult of Crochet

What a great last minute project for crocheters!  So elegant, and so useful too.

These instructions are converted into American crochet notation.  If you want the original English version and to see other pictures, please visit the Cult of Crochet blog.

We recommend either Super 10 cotton or Rowan Creative Linen for these lovely table accessories.