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Yet-to-be-appreciated Yarns, Part 2

Yet-to-be-appreciated Yarns, Part 2

Some great but yet-to-be-appreciated yarns
This season there have been a lot of changes in the yarns available for knitters. There have been a lot of yarns discontinued, and a lot of new introductions.  In times of economic uncertainty, it’s no surprise that crocheters and knitters return to their favorites.  But there are some that I have tried, and deserve a closer look.

Aiko Garments

Lang Aiko

Mohair is coming back into style, but not the ultra big fuzz-ball look.  What is important now is a light halo and a soft hand.  Enter Aiko.  This yarn is incredibly soft, but it takes up a lot of space.  The yarn itself it made up from a tiny boucle of the fibers stitched into a small tape.  When it is knit, there isn’t a lot of surface halo (fuzz), but it knits to a bigger gauge than it looks.  The Aiko styles in the Lang books are mostly used for snuggly knits, but I think it would also make a great yarn for openwork styles–a lacy scarf or wrap would be very sophisticated in this yarn.