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Stitches South 2010 HIGHLIGHTS

Stitches South 2010 HIGHLIGHTS

What a grand time we had in Atlanta! An incredible amount of work, but also a huge, huge ton of fun.

This year we also took a truck down, but in addition to the Super 10 Cotton we also took linen blends, silk blends, other cotton blends, plus several different lace yarns and our Elysium silk/cashmere blend. Lots of magazines, patterns, Trendsetter novelty yarn, and needles too.

I never imagined we would be part of the “Yarnie Elite” but when the Ravelry crew announced they would be going to Stitches South, we jumped at the opportunity to help with their party on Thursday night after the Market Preview. We signed on as “Cashmere Sponsor” and found ourselves in the same company as Webs, Skacel and Trendsetter!

See–we’re right there just above Bob’s right ear!

There were about 350 Ravelers who came for a relaxing beverage,  a  little late noshing, a chance to meet Jess, Casey and the rest of the   Ravelry crew, as well as a chance to win a door prize (there were lots!)

Not only were Jess and Casey there, but also Mary-Heather, of course, and a new member of the Ravelry team, Sara.  All of them are just the nicest people you would ever want to meet.  I don’t know how they do it .

And it was even more fun when they came by the booth–take a look!

Rav at the booth
Isn’t is weird how tall they all are?

What a grand time we had–we’ll be anxious for the next time.

More later,


Stitches South

Stitches South

We had a very, very good time at Stitches South, and will probably go again. Where to start? Well, at the beginning wouldn’t hurt.

We rented a truck, loaded it up, and headed out for Atlanta from here in Maryland. It was an enjoyable trip, mostly because we took the western route down the Shenandoah valley, along side the Appalachian mountains, instead of the “citified” route. When we started in Baltimore on Tuesday, the redbud trees were just showing buds, but the farther south we got, the bigger the blooms, then the dogwoods in bloom, and poppies, like this:

dogwoods & poppies
dogwoods & poppies

We have to admit we were tired by the time we got to Atlanta on Wednesday. We found the Cobb Galleria, pulled in, and with one false start managed to unload the truck with not too much trouble. It was the beginning of the set-up that gave us fits– I had this GREAT idea, right? We would arrange all the Super10 in a spectrum–a rainbow–of color. Wonderful!! We started…….. we kept trying….. we gave up. The 130+ colors might have been arranged that way years ago, but now they’re all mixed. We wound up going back to the numerical order. Well, live and learn, right? 🙂 We wound up admitting exhaustion and collapsing in bed.

More tomorrow….