Big Yarns

Big Yarns


VK Cover Garment
Vogue Knitting’s Cover Sweater featuring Cortina Nuvole

Astrakan by Lang
Lang Astrakan

& even

Link Long Scarf    Berroco’s Link

Yes, all the fashion magazines, the knitting and the crochet magazines, and the TV/internet style shows  are showing big, Big, BIGGER knits! And they’re so gorgeous, and they’re fast to knit, but… but…. but….

“Super-bulky knits look great on a 5′ 10″, 90 lb model, but not me! They’re so pricey with so little yardage! And they’re so heavy–who could wear all that?! Even if you’re skinny, it weighs a ton!”

The answer is Yes, you can wear these yarns, if you choose wisely.   Here are some tips:

  • Accessories–scarves, hats, muffs–give the fashion look without being overwhelming
  • Look at the cost of the garment, not the price of the skein.  Most of these yarns are cost-effective.
  • Remember to keep the fabric and the fit loose–unless it’s an outerwear coat or jacket, these yarns shouldn’t be firmly knit.  They also not meant to be knit into sweaters that are close-fitting; instead choose patterns for layering garments.
  • Natural fibers are heavier than synthetics.  In these super big yarns, a synthetic portion or blend is a big plus in keeping them light enough to wear.
  • “Cable knit” yarns, where the strand is really a knitted tube, are much lighter to wear, and warm too.

A Quick Link to all our Big Yarns!

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