International Lopi KAL!!

International Lopi KAL!!

What a surprise!  Berroco, Inc. is now the North American distributor for Istex Lopi yarns, which of course we love, and they are planning a wide-open Knit-A-Long (KAL) for February and March.   Here is the Berroco Blog post about the KAL.   The meet-up place will be on the Berroco Group board, on the Lopi KAL thread.  Why do I say International?  Because we have been sending all sorts of Lopi yarn from Australia to Canada to Europe to be used for this KAL!!

One of the great things about Lopi yarns is that it is a quick knit.  One of the great things about this KAL is that you can use any pattern and any weight of Lopi:  Lopi-Lett, Alafoss Lopi, or Plotulopi un-spun yarn.  All projects are welcome and there will be opportunities galore to connect with other Lopi knitters, from first-timers to experts.

We know how fun this is, because we held a KAL last year on our Ravelry group for Audna  in plotulopi, which was a huge success.  So many beautiful sweaters. has been carrying Lopi yarns for almost 20 years.  No matter what patterns, books, colors, or weights of Lopi you want we have them, and of course  I am always available for questions and individual advice by email or by phone 307-200-0733.

Happy Knitting!

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