On the Road, and more

On the Road, and more

Yes we finally got completely packed up, moved out and on the road!  Packing & loading day (Thursday) was a real trial, with all the people everywhere, constant questions, and complete confusion!

Fortunately we had all the yarn in the warehouse ready to go, so that part was pretty smooth, but still it filled up more of the truck than the movers had expected, so there was some last minute reorganization.  By the time the last truck left the house at 7:30 pm, I was thoroughly frazzled and both of us were exhausted.   Poor Sadie, she was beside herself with all the people and activity all over her house.  But she survived.

Day 1:  A big let-down — anti-climax I should say.  Pack up the cars, sweep out the house, all those stupid last-minute things that take forever!  Finally on the road at noon, we headed for Cleveland.  The highlight of the trip so far — seeing our friends of many years, Bernie and Maurice for dinner.  Sitting at their picnic table having dinner, it finally began to feel as if it all was really happening right now!

Next entry…. Day 2!

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