Stitches West update

Stitches West update

We got here safely Tues and were able to start setting up first thing Wednesday.  We usually complain about being stuck in the back of the market floor, but since we are very close to the loading dock it made things easier.  For this show we bought a lot of new display hardware, and we’re really grateful that our son Evan and his friend Tina were there to help us figure it out for the first time.

We had been told that this was the biggest Stitches show, and everything we had heard was correct.  It’s true, and if you are anywhere west of the Rockies you absolutely MUST go to this show.

Best sellers Thursday evening and today:  Super 10 Cotton (that’s no big surprise), Trendsetter Bodega novelty yarn, Improv, and KA exchangeable needle sets.  But we have sold some of just about everything.  Tonight was the fashion show; we have 5 garments.  We’ll see if they create some excitement for tomorrow!!

Another update plus pics coming

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