Summer Fun: Try Amigurumi!

Summer Fun: Try Amigurumi!

These are just a few quick Amigurumi I put

together to take to Maker Faire, and they sure
were popular.    Kids loved ’em!  These are
crocheted, but you can knit the little critters too.
 I’m no crochet expert, so I was astounded at
how easy these cuties were to make.  I made
these using Bomull Sport Cotton; it’s easy to
work, has beautiful colors and is very affordable.
 There are thousands of free patterns for
Amigurumi on the internet, but we also have a
knit and crochet, that have detailed instructions
and outstanding design.
Adorable Amigurumi

2012 Amigurumi Calendar

Amigurumi Knits       Crobots             Kyutto!

So give it a try — I bet you’ll love it!

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